Here is the video preview for the new

Vex and Jamie Spanking Compilation

Note: despite their youthful looks, both actors were over 18 at the time of filming – see Title 2257 declaration below





Click Here or on the Read More tab below to see more pictures of Vex and Jamie (some but not all from Sting videos)














Jamie’s face after his bare bottom nettle birching in Instruments of Persuasion 2




The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube shortly


Note: Jamie is listed in the Feel the Sting archive as “Jay”

By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Video Preview for the Vex and Jamie Spanking Compilation”
  1. Vex and Jamie (better know as Jay) are sweet memories…when I started to watch and to love Sting.
    Is it possible to know something about them? What are they doing?

  2. Hi Fabio

    I am not sure what Jamie and Vex are up to now, I will ask Sting if they are still in contact with them. I know they still communicate with a number of the original UK boys.

  3. Thanks a lot Bruce. I hope you will have some informations.
    I’d also like to communicate with them, even if I konw it’s impossible…

    1. I am afraid all I could find out is that both Vex and Jamie have moved on from acting and now have jobs in the real world and both are doing well. Jamie had the one go at playing a spanker in St Datchets Epilogue, but that was his last appearance.

      They are both well, happy hand now have families.

      I am sorry but it is not possible to but you in contact with them

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