The video preview for “Sting CFNM: Time’s Up” starring Alessandro Katz and Lola Praazak can now be viewed at the Sting CFNM blog by CLICKING HERE

WARNING Sting CFNM Features young men being disciplined by strict women


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By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Video Preview for Sting CFNM: Times Up”
    1. No, not at all! LOL! Just Michael’s Misery became a bit of a series.

      Alessandro will be back soon, being spanked by men.

    1. Thanks, Jonathan! For the record, I would totally respect his decision if he did LOL.Can’t wait to see his beautiful skinny butt over a man’s knee — hopefully JAMES HOLT’S!

  1. For me theres nothing better than cMnM….. and Im craving to see more Fraser …he is my current infatuation . Cant pinpoint exactly why but I find him breathtakingly sexy .

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