Watch It!

When two guys want to watch a bit of porn its perhaps not best to do it where they may be disturbed. Evan Novak and new StingLad Andrew Green hadn’t chosen very well. Its Evan’s fault of course he really should have known better! Now to cap it all he’s got his best mate in to trouble too.

Caught by Marco, who is more concerned one of the younger members or the lady of the house might have walked in at any moment, the lads are in deep trouble. Marco as ever thinks both these cheeky boys need a lesson, if nothing else, to remind them to be more careful in future. Evan should really be dealt with more sharply than Andrew but in any event the proceedings will get started with both lads receiving a good spanking.



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After that with trousers down and on the bare bottom, the strap will give them both a stinting finale!








By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Watch It!”
  1. Loved this video – hope both Evan and Andrew will be back for more – and wear some tighty whities next time – perhaps a story line set in the 1970s – they wore great ball&butt hugging bikini briefs back then. A little soap washing of the mouth for some foul language would be fantastic too.

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