Sting Welcome Back Weekend Special Price release : Space Invader

When Marco returns to find Austin in his room and using his lap top again he’s none to happy! This is happening far too often and the time has come for the boy to learn some manners and know his place.


One way to do that is to give him something to remember, something Marco is quite skilled at!


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So its game over as Austin is pulled across Marco’s knee for a good spanking.








That clothes brush in the nearby draw will come in to good use this time too. It’s a real stinger, especially over an already nicely spanked bare backside!







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Space Invader in 1080p Extra High Definition ($7.00)

Space Invader
in Standard Definition ($5.00)


A HD version of this video will also be available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale shortly, for customers who wish to use an alternative processor. NOTE Special Price will not apply at Clips4Sale

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By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Welcome Back Weekend Special Price release : Space Invader”
  1. It is certainly well worth waiting for. Not so much for the discipline as Austin as normal was treated quite lightly in this aspect. I do wish he would be spanked harder. However is great attribute of a gorgeous smooth and well shaped bottom is seen in its full glory. Some truly superb shots. Thank you Austin and sting for this. I would truly love to have him over my knee!!!

  2. Fantastic to see young Austin back across Marco’s knee – where the little rascal well and truly belongs!

    Great underpants, by the way, Austin! I don’t think we’ve seen that particular pair before, but they’re a perfect choice to wear for getting a good smacked bottom! Horizontally striped briefs always have a way of bringing out the roundness of a boy’s bum! And in Austin’s case there’s a lot of beautiful roundness to bring out!!

    I feel absolutely the same as Michael Brown – what I’d give to lay Austin over my knee!!!!!!

  3. I like this movie too. Austin became a very good actor – he interacts with Marco very well. His begging and moaning are so realistic. His buttocks are filmed nicely. Fantastic movie. I wish Austin would get caned again despite the fact that he may hate the cane. 🙂

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