Marco’s distant cousin (Bob Stone) is staying over so he can keep his job in the area. This is one of the conditions he has for free rent to help him stay in work. Little known to Macro he’s got himself sacked for misbehaviour. Little known until now that is!

As we all know Marco doesn’t take prisoners so its a dead cert that, strapping lad though he may be, the young man will be going over Marco’s knee! Taken over like the naughty boy he is in for a very hard bare bottom spanking!


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Then after its face down on the scrub top table for a stinging strapping! If he still doesn’t feel the work ethic then perhaps the scorching feel of the strap will help him get there.







By Bruce

One thought on “Workshy”
  1. What an incredible film and what a beautiful arse Bob Stone has. Just purchased. I can highly recommend this film!! Tell me would Bob Stone ever do a Hornet film in the future?

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