You Two

Nick and Gerry’s (Austin and Robin’s) punishment continues

Now both well spanked, the boys stand in the corner rubbing their burning bottoms, unaware that Coach Volny has further plans for their sore little rumps.


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For good measure Mr Volny will also give them a taste of his leather strap, both together over the gym bench.

However, the coach is a fair man (sometimes) and decides to give Nick the chance to lay on a spanking but with Gerry’s, already sore and well spanked, bare bottom on the receiving end this time.

Surprisingly it seems that Nick takes to this like a fish to water!

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Sting Pictures

Title 2257

By Bruce

3 thoughts on ““You Two” (Part 2 of 2)”
  1. Well, it was worth the wait to see these two young rascals being punished together. The chemistry between the two lads is electric in a very interesting scenario. The debate on who is best, Austin or Robin is intriguing. They are both tops for me for their looks, bottoms and personalities. Sting bring out the best in the two young miscreants and in my opinion, this is the best that the studio has produced for some time. Well done to all concerned, not forgetting Austin and Robin.

  2. This is perhaps a futile request but I was hoping for a full-length feature starring Robin, Austin, Richard, Andy, Trevor…you know, the current dream team. I realize that such a thing is easier said than done, but I had to ask Santa for something this year! Grey Shorts 3, anyone?

  3. In the wake of this fantastic offering from Sting, starring probably my two favourite spankable little scamps, could I add my voice to that of hisroyalheinie with a request for something along the lines of a ‘Grey Shorts 3’? One which gives the boys a chance for showing off the contents of their pants-drawers and – the special item from my particular Christmas wish-list – young Austin getting the cane?!

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