You’re in Trouble

One lad Luke (Luke Geer) has borrowed James’s car without asking. As it’s his pride and joy he’s not too happy about it! Also, he was due to go out to meet a friend which he had to cancel. Luke confesses to taking the car keys without even asking and returns them, but it’s not enough to pacify the annoyed James.

Time to teach this boy a lesson.


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He’s a fit lad and far too bold with it, so James decides to take him down a peg or two and put him over his knee like a naughty boy! A good spanking on his bare bottom will hurt his backside and his ego!

The spanking is followed by a flogging with the quirt will hopefully drive some common sense back in to him!




You’re in Trouble – in 1080p Extra High Definition

You’re in Trouble – in Standard Definition


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By Bruce

6 thoughts on “You’re in Trouble”
  1. I am aware that Young Luke Geer’s choice of underwear may have been less skimpy than some of our followers might prefer. However, I hope their appearance in “You’re in Trouble” will have reassured those who were concerned underpants might have been removed from the Sting wardrobe, that they have not been!.

    1. Thanks for the reassurance, Bruce! It’s just always been such a great part of Sting movies and always so well done – even if a boy has been wearing white boner-killers!

      1. Thanks Dr van Spanking.
        Pants will continue to feature frequently in Sting videos. However, I am just about to post the latest update with is a Birching Block episode, which have never featured pants. Sorry about that

  2. Thanks for featuring Luke Geer one of my favourites.
    Luke always looks great and good pairing with James. Perfect 10. Bring back Luke soon.

  3. Luke is a beautiful lad and I really like how he has a nice bush of pubes. Always think it’s a shame when lads shave their pubes off.

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