You’ve Bin Caught 2

In You’ve Bin Caught we saw Robbie Parker (Robin Palmer) as a college lad getting in to trouble with the Coach. Now he works at the same college in another gymnasium. The Head Coach (Dorian Easton) has high expectations of his new junior staff member. Its up to the new boy to make a good impression, he’s been told by the other lads how the Head Coach deals with lazy apprentices but it doesn’t seem to have sunk in.

Having been told to sweep out one of the rooms Robbie decides to see what goodies he can find on his phone. Much more interesting than pushing a broom.

On finding his new gym boy abusing his position the Coach decides, like the others, the lad need a early wake up call to stimulate his work ethic a little.

Nothing better to do that than a good bare bottom spanking ….


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…. and of course a stinging strapping!




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By Bruce

4 thoughts on “You’ve Bin Caught 2”
  1. Lovely to see that naughty boy Robin have his delicious bottom spanked and strapped again.
    Robin is still a delight with his casual and rather defiant ways to his various masters. His looks seem to be slightly changing and here he sports quite a short hair cut. Guess he must be about 24/25 now but is as appealing as when he first appeared on Sting.
    Some great bottom shots also of tight balls and willly hanging down. Sports a bright red bottom at the end of the film.

  2. Hi, Bruce.
    Dorian Easton is a great top – handsome, muscular, clean-cut. I know you said he is not interested in playing the bottom role but, if you paid him a bit more than the standard bottom rate, I would be willing to pay the extra money to see him on the receiving end of a long, hard, OTK spanking – first on the seat of his briefs, then on his bare butt.
    Go ahead, ask him if he would be willing to play the bottom role if you paid him more.

  3. Robin Palmer is as boyishly cute as ever. Unfortunately, this video’s OTK scene has a characteristic that virtually of your recent videos share. I am referring to the routine of the spanker spanking the spankee on the seat of his briefs, then stopping, ordering the spankee to stand up, ordering the spankee to remove his briefs, then ordering him to get back over the spanker’s lap to conclude the OTK scene on his bare buttocks.

    I think the OTK scene would be much more effective if the spanker spanked the spankee on his tight, skimpy briefs, then pulled the lad’s briefs down himself and spanked him bare-butt without a break. The spankee would futilely protest and struggle when the spanker started pulling his briefs down, and continue yelling and struggling when the spankee spanked his bare buttocks. In addition to maintaining the continuity and intensity of the spanking, the spankee would be even more humiliated by the act of being stripped involuntarily by another man.

    Can you please make more videos like that?

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