You’ve Bin Caught


Robbie Parker (Robin Palmer) likes to mess around in college and play lots of pranks on his fellow students. Every body is now getting just a little bit tired of his antics especially the gym coach (Dorian Easton) He’s had his eyes on reigning in this young whipper-snapper for sometime. Now of course the inevitable has happened.

After tipping a trash bin over the head of another boy the wayward Parker is most definitely caught in the act!

Robbie Knows he’s in trouble!!

The Coach has seen it all and intends to teach bad boy Robbie a sharp lesson.

First he’ll go over his knee for sure and get a good firm bare bottom spanking.


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This of course all in front of the very boy he just humiliated with the rubbish bin.





Then to follow up and hone his memory for the future, the PT Masters ex military strap will be used to good effect. Ordered to fetch it like the naughty boy he is, Robbie Parker will now strip, bend over the bench and feel its scorching leather tongue!



His already spanked bare backside will soon be cruelly licked a fiery shade of red!






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You’ve Bin Caught – in 1080p Extra High Definition


You’ve Bin Caught – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

9 thoughts on “You’ve Bin Caught”
  1. Hi Rasputin

    I am afraid Dorian Easton joined the Sting cast as a spanking top, and has no plans to allow anyone to spank him any time soon. He may change his mind, but I am not optimistic at the moment!

    Sorry to disappoint anyone


  2. Dorian Easton makes a very authentic HOT TOP !! He is broodingly handsome sultry and smooth . Perfect ingredients for a hot top . My only wish is that we could see more of his body . I think a hot top always looks nice without a shirt on and either very tight jeans or shorts or even better a speedo especially if he is a swimming coach . Would also love to see him using a cane or switch ! But whatever he wears make his pants tight because I know he has a hot firm butt , which I personally find very appealing in a spanker , not only spankees . Overall its. Great . Robin always entertains with his sexy naughty boy persona and it was. A very sensual combination Dorian and Robin .

  3. Mmmmm ….. I’m sure there a lot of guys out there who would love to BIN CAUGHT by Dorian ( he is quite divine ! )

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