Sting’s latest download 1900 Return to the House of correction

The Police courts are busy and Colonel Templeton Lee’s Juvenile House of Correction couldn’t be busier. New arrivals who do not pull their weight are soon in line for some serous discipline.


Albert Stanton (Leonardo King) is one such lad who finds himself hauled up in front of the Governor. At the turn of the century and for many years after to maintain good discipline the most sensible thing to do was to lay on some corrective punishment. 


In this case it’s a good breeches down spanking for Stanton …


.. followed by the burning sting of the old leather tawse, its bands of fire well laid across his bare backside.


John Hawkins (Jay Faith) a new inmate freshly arrived from York is taken over the knee of Warder Mr Sturchley (Dexter) just to introduce him to what’s expected from a new inmate.


Meanwhile the Colonel deals with another younger Warder, Mr Hawksley (Mike Cross) who has been taking far too many liberties in his exalted position.


A humiliating bare bottom spanking for this insolent young officer…


…followed by a session with the salt water soaked birch, which he would normally wield himself!


Now the time has come to carry out the sentences imposed by the courts. First to be put over the birching pony is John Hawkins.


The executioner is Mr Strurchley stripped to the waist and ready to lay on some scorching strokes. Twenty Four burning lashes later the lad’s slate is wiped clean but with more time to serve he must still be on his best behaviour all the same! 


Finally young Arthur Crosby (Jonathan, appearing courtesy of The Magic Spanking Factory) is ordered over the well used birching pony. The sentence is read out and the boy is secured, Mr Butcher (Marco) flexes the cruel birch bringing it down with relish on to Arthur’s defenceless bare bottom.


One by one the strokes lash down and Arthur begins to howl, his raw bare buttocks blazing from the whippy birch twigs relentlessly biting home.
The lad quickly makes up his mind that It will be sometime if ever before he Returns to the House Of Correction!


By Bruce

15 thoughts on “1900 Return to the House of Correction”
  1. Pleased to see the ‘Colonel’ is wearing buttoned bracers,that are far more authentic than the clip-ons of the modern era. I’m not nit-picking but when the scenes are so well thought out and there is such attention to the detail of props the clip-on bracers look a bit out of place.

    Buttoned bracer also have a certain association. Older ‘lads’ like myself will remember that unbuttoning bracers was a part of the corporal punishment ritual, if not at school certainly at home. I also hated buttons in general. Trouser buttons, both fly buttons and bracer buttons were stripped from shorts with a penknife as an initiation at the local grammar school. Ah happy days!

  2. I admit to being biased towards Jonathon but I think he is great form in this clip and is very convincing. Highly recommended video from Sting.

  3. The best part of this video was when Mike Cross was spanked and birched. Mike is a big, handsome, muscular, masculine guy – the perfect model type in my humble opinion. Mike underwear was tighter and skimpier than those worn by the other models, another plus for this segment. Finally, Mike did a pretty good job of acting as well.

    Leonardo and Marco (or was it Barry) were good actors as well, but they should have been spanked on their tight, skimpy underwear before getting it bare-assed.

    Newcomer Jonathan did a very good acting job, but his segment was undermined by the facts that his underwear was too baggy, and he wasn’t spanked on his underwear before being birched. Also, Jonathan would be an even better model if he were just a little bit more muscular.

    Not the greatest video in the world, but not bad. Mike Cross’s segment really made it worthwhile.

    1. Hi Rasputin

      Sorry I meant to reply to you previously. I am pleased you found so much to enjoy in this video. I do agree about the scene with Mike Cross, I particularly enjoyed his difficulty in sitting down after his punishment. 🙂 LOL!

      Leonardo’s scenes are always quality, the boy suffers for his art and I am told he shed a few genuine tears while making this movie.

      The actor playing John Hawkins, with the bandanna, was Jay Faith, who is a friend of Barry’s. Marco, has largely moved on to the role of a disciplinarian, it was he who had the enjoyable task of birching Jonathon.

      As you Jonathon’s performance was very good indeed, he has a lot of talent. He is a slender guy, but if you see him with less clothing on you will see that his body i well defined, and likely to become more muscular as he matures.

  4. Well for what it is worth, I think jonathon is beautiful he has such a nice bum. I would love to kiss it and feel those pert bum cheeks. One of my favourite lines from him in a ms film is when he orders a guy to lick his butt. Do you know if he is gay or bi and is Steven his partner in real life.

    1. In fact Jonathon is straight, but he is a very sensual person who is relaxed with his body and his sexuality. I think there are many people who would like to kiss his bottom, after they have soundly spanked it! 🙂

      Stephen and Jonathon are very good friends, maybe he will write and clarify the extent of their relationship.

    2. Thanks for the reply Bruce, his girlfriend is a very very lucky girl. To have those cheeks to herself lol.

      1. I see I was trying to find it for about half hour I thought it must be there as its one of the better scenes and I remember years ago liking it Leonardo takes quite the hand spanking that he had a few tears afterwards.

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