Life continues in Colonel Templeton Lee’s 1900 House of Correction (Part 2 of the Sting Double Bill) and the wayward boys discuss the butt blistering punishments they receive when they step out of line

Young Henry Ecclestone, played by David, has really stepped badly out of line, and, for his sins he is about to discover what the birch feels like.

Again the scene ends with a very tearful and contrite young man, who, like his companions in the house of correction has discovered that tough love 1900 style can leave a boy with

a very sore bottom.

The 1900 house of correction is the second half of the Sting Double Bill
Sting will be bringing out a new historical production shortly

By Bruce

2 thoughts on “The Original 1900 House of Correction – screen shots Part 5 The end”
  1. Oh David one of my all time favourites that bum is amazing, I do prefer too see him posing sexy rather than being spanked. Thanks for the pictures though.

  2. Hi, I’m searching a Sting video where a boy is initially pulled by an ear by his “father” in a public place, maybe in a supermarket with all the people watching… unfortunately I don’t remember the models or the title, does anyone know which video is this? Thanks.

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