Up theCreek with a Paddle – directed by Jonathan Fox. Set in a US 60’s College, unruly student Jack McConnighy (Louie Ashby) has finally caused the Principle to take action. Excelling more as a party animal than a diligent student the Principle decides to take some positive action to bring McConnighy round. After a dressing down he leaves him to the tender mercies of faculty head Mr Schwartz who proceeds to administer his polished paddle with relish.

Feeling the punishment has yet to sink in Schwartz now orders McConnighy to take off his jeans and pants off to get another dose other the knee on his bed. His already paddled backsides now begins to buck and twist as it reddens further from the stinging slaps of his determined teacher.
The principle is not so sure that McConnighy won’t reoffend again so he decides that a more ritualistic paddling should follow later in the Gym.
McConnighy arrives late further annoying his teacher. Now ordered to the wall, shorts and pant off, Jack McConnighy will feel the deep biting sting of the holed hickory paddle on his tender bare backside.
Now he’s really up the creek but with the paddle! 

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By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Louie in “Up the Creek With a Paddle””
  1. Young Louie looks a very cute and deserving target. Don’t know about up the creek with a paddle, I’d say getting a spanking from James means ‘his boat’s come in’. Always was a fan of James and good to see him back in the scene.

  2. Got to agree with Keith – lucky Louie getting dealt with by James. Have always liked James too and seeing hims giving and getting spankings. Louie is rather a cutey too and he looks good in and out of his school uniform!!

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