Sting Raw – Curfew offers a profile shoot for Popular model Leonardo King. Here Leo has displeased his Mentor by continually breaking a curfew imposed due to his constant bunking of college. Two times too many and now he’s going to get dealt with! After stripping off his tracksuit bottoms, it’s straight over the Mentor’s knee for a stinging bare bottom spanking.

The opening shock of this causes quite a stir with the young miscreant. Now he thinks he used to it but that’s not the end! Ordered over the bed the next dose of discipline comes from a heavy rubber soled carpet slipper, snatched up on impulse for the purpose. It’s cruel hard rubber sole on an already tender bottom certainly now reinforces the fact the when rules are made they must be obeyed… And if you are strictly subject to a curfew then curfew means ‘Curfew!’


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By Bruce

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