Scroll down for the video trailer for A Beating at Bedtime starring Leonardo King, Rudi Vallence and Dexter 







By Bruce

7 thoughts on “A Beating at Bed Time – Video Trailer”
  1. It looks like a Classic Spanking .Ilove the fact thatbthose Pj scome down very quickly I believe this spanking was one in which some Ass was was Tanned &RoastedThe clips
    Indicated some very Hot &Red Colored Ass You can bet that that these guys had to sleep on there stomachs for a couple days perhaps more time would need to past before they would be able to Sit and Walk like before .This should servevas a learning eerience for these Young men.A Bed Time. Spanking is excellent way to end ones day

  2. Not a bad video. Leonardo, Rudi and Dexter are buff, good-looking guys, and Dexter gives the two miscreants a harsh thrashing.

    Leonardo’s acting was fine, but Rudi was a little too stoic for my taste. It’s a shame, as handsome, muscular Rudi would otherwise make an excellent bottom. Perhaps his reactions to spankings will become more demonstrative in future Sting videos.

    I have noticed in virtually every Sting video involving a bedroom or dormitory scene that the young men being spanked are wearing pajamas. These guys are in their late teens or early twenties. Most guys that I know in that age bracket sleep in their underwear or in the nude, not in pajamas. Perhaps Sting can shoot a few videos in which the models’ sleeping attire would be tight, skimpy briefs.

    1. Thanks Rasputin

      I am pleased you enjoyed it. I also find this a very erotic movie. I agree about Leonardo’s performance, and I don’t think it was entirely acting, Dexter really laid into him.

      Rudi is very new to spanking movies, this is only his second movie, and I am sure he will be more demonstrative as he becomes more used to the experience. He certainly has the looks and physique for the role.

      I have passed your comments on to Sting. The blue striped pajamas are a regular feature in Sting movies as they reflect the retro theme which they have very much made their own. However, they will appreciate the attractions of tight underwear and, of course, nudity, both of which feature at some point in the future.


  3. Anonymous– I loved thevclips of thevbeating at Bed time. In regard to thevwearing and removal of the PJS I believed that was one better clips ascot illustated that the beating wasn’t going to be over the PJS Of coursecwecnewcthatbthey would be coming off If there was something that didnt like it was theClips indicating that the beating wascgoing to be OTK It would be my view that these young men were too old to be beat in that way,In addition the one clip where the young man goes OTK with his PJS still on Athough we know they were coming down As to thePJS in general I agree that Young men of that age more than likely don’t wear PJS any longer but it doesn’t bother me as much as the OTK method of spanking that was illustrated .In my view at age these young man were that sort of spanking is inappriorate and there is know way around it

  4. Jimbar -I agree with anonymous that OTK is inappriorate for these young men there is little doubt in my view that although it starred in Pjs they wernt long for this session in as much it was bed time the PJ s on pr off were sure to be in this situation.However due to the age of these young men the question of whether they have outgrown PJ s has to be asked In my view PjS are worn by younger men It also looks like these young men got a good tanning and it was clear Pj or not they gave little protection

  5. I’d love to see another Leonardo / Rudi pairing – they look so hot together. And Dexter looks hot spanking them

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