Discipline Down Under – Ahorangi College! is a mid length Sting download, set in 1950’s Australia and staring Damien Drake, Carlos Fernandez, Tom Nuttall and new Sting actor Kyle Wilkinson.
The day to day running of a busy college means that discipline amongst the students is important to maintain. They in turn have their arguments and disagreements. None more so than Cougan (Damien Drake) He has been fighting with McKenzie (Carlos Fernandez) again and will have to answer to his housemaster. Not really in the mood to tolerate Cougan’s antics the incident is swiftly dealt with by using his pliable white gym shoe. This is followed by a stinging bare bottom spanking just too nicely round off the fiery effect of the gym shoe………….


Knocking on the door of the Heads study is Donovan (Tom Nuttall) his constant interruptions during morning assembly has now brought him before the boss! The luckless student is soon grabbing his ankles to feel the burning sting of the rattan cane on his tight grey shorts. It’s not long before he’s also feels its burning stripes on his crisp white briefs and finally very sore bare bottom!

(The cane marks on his bottom will be brought alive again a short time later when, after an incident during the cross country run, Donovan finds the pounding flat of the Heads palm cracking on to his still very sore bare bottom.)


Now it’s McKenzie’s turn to report to the deputy Head and receive punishment for fighting. Starting with a good spanking this is followed up with a red hot bare bottom slippering to imprint the message home & Behave!


Upstairs in the staff room the deputy head awaits the arrival of Morgan (Kyle Wilkinson) He has seen fit to bunk of college and go swimming in the local river. It may be hot but now it’s going to get much hotter for Morgan. Out comes the brown leather belt and over the desk goes Morgan, his bare bottom getting redder by the stroke. After this he knows it’ll be a spanking, raw backside or not the rules must be obeyed when you are a student at Ahorangi College



By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Discipline Downunder – Ahorangi College!”
  1. Dear Bruce,

    Sting Films is usually quite accurate with their period costumes, but this video (and some other Sting videos as well) suffers from one inconsistency. Please enlighten me if I am wrong.

    I was under the impression that, with the exceptions of summertime or places with year-round hot climates (e.g., India), schoolboys in British or Commonwealth countries only wear short trousers until the age of 12 or 13, i.e. the onset of puberty; they wear long trousers afterwards. The schoolboy characters in this video are supposed to be well into their teens, yet they are still in shorts. How come?

    By the way, will you be posting a preview clip?

    1. Hi Rasputin

      You are right that Sting do seek be accurate in their choice of period costume.

      In fact during the period in question it was very common for boys in schools in Australia, New Zealand and also South Africa to wear short trousers up to the age of 18 and beyond. In fact it still is in some schools. I have posted some images to the back up blog providing evidence of this. Here is the link: http://feelthesting2.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/colonial-school-uniforms.html

      This particular download was released last year, but the pictures were not previously posted to this blog. So, I am afraid there isn’t a preview trailer.

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