When two lads (Alessandro Katz & Ryan Conway) make a visit to the sports clinic things don’t turn out quite the way they expected.

On arrival there is no sign of the duty doctor so they decide to make an investigation of the clinic themselves.

Its not long of course before he turns up catching them rummaging through the clinic medical lockers.

Dr Sharpe (Marco) is usually a very sympathetic man when it comes to dealing with the sick but with bold and cheeky boys he has other ways to treat their onset of kleptomania.


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The two lads will be treated to his famous spanking therapy, and that’s just the start!!

















A Sharpe Reminder – in 1080p Extra High Definition


A Sharpe Reminder – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

2 thoughts on “A Sharpe Reminder (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. A good download of two contrasting but young bottoms being disciplined.
    I like how Alessanddro long willy hangs low between his cheeks when being being disciplined – always hoping it will become nice and stiff. He also has a lovely smooth bottom.

    Nice too, to see Ryan featured again. A bigger but just as nice a bottom.

    Both boys are given a hard time by Marco and its a pity such good thrashings are not always given on downloads.

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