A Sharpe Reminder

The story continues

After their spanking the lads are ordered to kneel on the bed


For a dose of the strap


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Finally a real sting in the tail at the end will ensure they get the point.


This prescription is sure quell their thirst for curiosity in future.

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A Sharpe Reminder – in 1080p Extra High Definition


A Sharpe Reminder – in Standard Definition


Sting Pictures


Title 2257


By Bruce

4 thoughts on “A Sharpe Reminder (Part 2 of 2) with Video Preview”
  1. I enjoyed this video very much, but I have a question about the title: Is there some reason why it wasn’t considered part of the “Clinic” series? I am confused why Sharpe Housemaster character is making an appearance as a doctor?

    1. Given the setting, this is technically a further episode in the Clinic series, but as Marco was cast in the spanking role, Sting took the opportunity to make a further play on the name “Sharpe”, which has become closely identified with Marco.

      Mr Sharpe, or Dr Sharpe as he is here ,is a very flexible and multi talented individual who can turn his hand to many things, (literally, as many bad boys will confirm) and was able to stand in for the regular doctors. We have already met Coach Sharpe, Naval Officer Sharpe and of course, the current Mr Sharpe’s great grandfather who works in the 1900 House of Correction, and I suspect that Mr Sharpe’s career will take some further turns before he hangs up his strap.

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