A Short Message from STG Pictures

A new studio for STG. During the early part of this year we intend to make some significant changes to the way we operate and make our films. However, the short term affect is likely be a slowing down of output. It will also mean both costumes, props and backgrounds may not be as diverse as they usually are. Some scenarios that require a lot of presentation will be put on hold until our new studio is fully open and in normal operation with new sets as we would like.

The long term effect will mean that all our studio titles from Sting, CFNM and Hornet will be in a far better position to create the sort of material we would like to make.

Thanks to all our valued customers and friends in the business for their understanding during this, for us, exiting new venture.

By Bruce

3 thoughts on “A Short Message from STG Pictures”
  1. Good luck with the new studio and I look forward to lots of exciting new developments. But please do not abandon school based scenarios as you do them better than any other studio.
    Also, please keep putting new faces like Caspar Ivarsson in your productions. What a delightful find he is and I hope to see more of him in your future productions.

  2. I fully concur with Swan Lads comments.
    School scenarios are a must and could easily be set in the current day with the fictional reintroduction of CP.
    There are many suitable boys Sting have to select from whose bottoms would make excellent targets for slippers strap and cane.
    I hope we don’t have to long intervals between releases as I do suffer from Sting withdrawal symptoms.

  3. I agree with the comments above and believe the school scenarios also lend themselves well to the full-length films that Sting is of course the studio nonpareil.

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