The current situation at Sting

The current situation at Sting

The Covid-19 Pandemic which has hit the world in such a devastating manner in the last year has now had an impact on Sting. Unfortunately, both Rich O’Shea and Jonathan Fox have caught Covid, and have been quite ill.

Both Rich and Jonathan are now recovering but, as you will understand full recovery can be a slow process.

Naturally, this situation will have a significant impact on Sting’s output and services for a while.

However, I am sure you will all understand and bear with them.

Meanwhile, Rob and other members of the Sting crew are working to get service back to normal as soon as possible.

18 comments on “The current situation at Sting

  1. Thoughts and prayers in your direction. Thanks for the years of joy you give us. I hope the best for Sting

  2. I’m really sorry to hear about Richard and Jonathan. I’m sure Richard won’t mind me saying that I hope his right hand hasn’t been affected! My very best wishes to them both for a speedy and full recovery; also to Rob and all others at Sting!
    With kind thoughts, Cliff van Spanking.

  3. Praying for a speedy recovery for both of them. The health and safety of those at Sting is far more important than output and services.

  4. My fingers are crossed for a full recovery to the Sting crew take care of yourselves. X

    Ps. There’s so much content here for us all to enjoy regardless of Stings current output and I recommend people browsing the archives there is so much there to occupy us spanking fans.

  5. My best wishes to Richard and Jonathan in these difficult times.
    Hope things are back to normal before too long but the well being of the staff at Sting must take precedence.

  6. I echo the well wishes and prayers. Sending positive energy in your direction. Sting is a big part of my life and I don’t ever want that to change.

  7. Rob has asked me to thank everyone for their kind comments, messages and expressions of concern..

    They are really most appreciated.


  8. My thoughts and prayers are with Rich and Jonathon as they recover, and for all the rest of the Sting crew that they do nor succumb. My best wishes to all and I hope to hear that all is back to normal soon. In the meantime I hope someone is keeping all those naughty boys under control.

  9. That’s awful news. My best wishes for them both, and to the rest of the Sting crew as well. Here’s hoping they make a full and speedy recovery!

  10. some young cove will get a right spanking once our heroes Richard and Jonathan are back to full strength, which is hoped for steadily soon. meanwhile to the rest of team, keep on keeping on, you are all amazing

  11. Thank you for the up date.
    My best wishes and prayers to both for a full recovery.
    Personally think it would wise for the staff and models for the studio to close for a number of weeks.

  12. Once again, I would like to thank everyone who has commented and for their good wishes and prayers. These are very much appreciated.

    One point I want to clarify is that, as with most companies in the Czech Republic, Sting has suspended their operation.  No filming is currently taking place and no models are at risk.  However, the website is still fully operational and online customer services are still available in relation to existing products.

    In addition, there is a lot of material which has already been filmed and which can still be safely edited and released.  It was hoped that one of these previously filmed videos could be edited and released this weekend.  However, that is now unlikely.

    I can assure you that everything is being done safely and that no staff or models are at risk.

  13. Please take good care of yourselves and don’t worry too much about production, output, and services right now. Your health is far more important!

  14. Prayers and best wishes for a quick and full recovery to Rich and Jonathan. And best wishes to everyone at Sting as well. Sting is a big part of my life, and I wish the best to everyone there. And special thoughts for Rob and the others at Sting as they take on an additional work load while the others recover. Please remember that your health is the most important thing. You have a very loyal customer base, and we will stick by you. Get well soon.


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