A Sting in the Workshop

In this story, we meet a handsome young worker (Spencer Lake) who is seriously in need of a lesson in the Work Ethic!

Previous efforts to get it into his head have failed, so maybe it is time to try the bottom!!

The foreman is not impressed with his lazy attitude, and he was previously warned that there would be consequences if he did not buck his ideas up. Now the the time for consequences has arrived.

Starting with a good hard spanking over the knee with his overall’s down, he soon realizes just how fed up his boss is as his hand slaps down on to his backside.

Then with his underwear off the painful punishment continues until his bottom is red, sore and sufficiently tender to fully experience what is to come.

Following this, much to the shock shown in his face, is a good dose of stinging nettles gathered in a birch. After a quick caressing to start then the nettles swing into action.

Clearly feeling the sting with each swing the nettles do the job perfectly and the welts grow throughout the punishment.

This is a punishment he will remember for some time to come!



A Sting in the Workshop – in 1080p Extra High Definition

A Sting in the Workshop – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

10 thoughts on “A Sting in the Workshop”
    1. Rob is the STG Pictures producer. Domonic, is the stage name he appeared under when he first started performing in Sting films and is recorded under for Title 2257 purposes. He has returned to using it when he takes an acting role.to differentiate between his dual roles within the company.

  1. Huge Spencer fan here! I’m delighted that his lovely long legs are barred and his pert bottom is on full display for a dose of this marvelous and underrated implement!

    1. Thanks HRH
      I know you have always liked Spencer, and I am glad you enjoyed this video, he certainly suffered for our entertainment!


  2. Sorry for the delay with the Trailer, I hope to post it shortly, hopefully this evening or tomorrow.


  3. I decided to buy this video without waiting for the trailer, but I was disappointed. I am sure that this was an uncomfortable video for Spencer Lake to make – look at his ravaged buttocks – but his response was WAY too stoic considering the punishment he received.

    1. Thank you Rasputin
      I think the contrast between your comment and the one from Hisroyalheinie, is very much proof of the old saying, you can never please everyone!!


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