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Tales From The Headmaster’s Study 5 Cheats and Cheers
Starring Kai Alexander, Jimmy Evans, Luke Desmond and Dexter

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Keeping goods discipline in a busy college is a formidable task. A constant flow of miscreants regularly attend the Headmaster’s office, all with the best excuse in the world for their bad behaviour. The lads think they are sharp, but they are no match for the vigilant faculty, who are a lot sharper, and have very hard hands.

Mock exam time has arrived, but Rory Hendrick (Kai Alexander) hasn’t done any revising. That’s OK, all he needs to do is get a little help from his friend Robby Turner at the next desk.

He’s caught pretty quickly, of course, and sent off to the Head’s Study.

Already in front of the Head are two other students, Huntley (Jimmy Evans) and Richards (Luke Desmond) they’ve been truanting or ‘bunking off’, in student chat. Having too much on his hands to deal with them, they are sent off to a detention class with their housemaster, Mr Heidrick (Dexter)

Meanwhile, Hendrick is now knocking on the door of the Head’s study, too. His head hung low, he has to face the consequences of his cheating in the exam. The Headmaster is not at all amused by his actions and certainly does intend to find the time to deal with him right there and then. He’s a senior lad but is going to get an OTK junior spanking for his dishonourable action.

Hendrick’s pale, well-rounded bare backside soon begins to turn bright red as the Head’s stinging palm cracks down.

As usual the session will be rounded off with the Gym slipper. The boy is ordered to strip and the smooth rubber surface of the sole is soon biting the lad’s already spanked bottom like an angry wasp. Oh how he is now going to swat up in the future, thinks Hendrick!

The two lads attending Mr Heidrick’s detention class are both in the college swimming team. It’s the final practice before an important competition. So they can get away early a deal is stuck, they will both receive a hiding from their Housemaster and call it a day. One after another, the two lads are taken across Mr Heidrick’s knee and are spanked red raw.

Now though out comes the Housemaster’s own gym shoe and down it comes across the defenceless bare backsides of Huntley and Richards. At the end their red burning rumps are testament to a punishment well laid on.

Mr Heidrick hadn’t lost his style and two formerly badly behaved students are made to think again. No cheats and no cheer for these lads!



Tales From The Headmaster’s Study 5 Cheats and Cheers

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