This 2010 drama documentary features several instruments with one thing in common; they are all made of leather. Each Chapter sees our wayward lads firstly on the end of a spanking, long and hard. (The best place to start when warming up for the main implement.) With their bare bottoms red and raw the real action begins.

Young Jason Kelly (Kevin) is on the receiving end of his uncle’s belt after cheating in the midterm college exams. It’s a first time for this modern age lad but there’s a good chance now, as he nurses his burning backside of course, it will make him see sense.

Now back in time to the beginning of the nineteenth century. Hawkins (Marc Russell) an inmate of Carnfield Institute the infamous house of correction for unruly young gentlemen is taken to task for insolence and slacking. Col. Templeton Lee decides to crack down and with the help of Warder Mr Squears brings his trusty hunting whip to bare.

Next we move to the Scottish highlands and probably the most famous of all leather instruments, the Tawse. In this chapter MacMillan (Rusty) a senior academy scholar is in trouble and faces a good licking from Housemaster Mr Carmichael, with three different tawses no less!
With his backside now an angry glowing red he rushes to find the younger lad (Richie Sachs) who has got him in to so much trouble. Getting a thrashing from the older lad and his supply of tawses is no mean matter, he’ll not sit down for a week!!

Finally it’s off the France and a look at the Martinet. James Bruce plays a young army cadet who has to report to the senior officer for being drunk and disorderly.
As all the cadets know this sort of discipline is off the record and after a good spanking the fiery tales of the martinet will fly. Grasping the punch bag in the Gym and gasping as each stoke lashes across his saw bare backside; this young soldier will stay sober for some time to come. If he doesn’t he knows what’s waiting…another ‘Taste of Leather’.

I have just watched this download, and take my word for it, it is one of the hottest I have seen in a long while!

The following Teaser pictures were released in advance of A Taste of Leather in August 2010




2 thoughts on “A Stinging Taste of Leather!!!!”
  1. bottom bared, hand spanked, ass crack and cherry gingered up, and ass lashed with leathers: what an invigorating experience
    it has been for me.

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