Further images from A Taste of Leather” featuring five sting lads each punished first by hand and then by leather. First Jason Kelly (played by new Sting Lad Kevin) is caught cheating at an exam, and is punished by his uncle’s firm hand and leather belt for doing so.

Now back in time to the beginning of the nineteenth century. Hawkins (Marc Russell) an inmate of Carnfield Institute the infamous house of correction for unruly young gentlemen is taken to task for insolence and slacking. Col. Templeton Lee decides to crack down and with the help of Warder Mr Squears brings his trusty hunting whip to bare. As mentioned previously, this scene includes figging, where a touch of ginger extract is applied to Hawkins’ nether regions to add an extra “sting” to his punishment.

Across the channel to la Belle France James Bruce plays a young French army cadet who has to report to the senior officer for being drunk and disorderly. As all the cadets know this sort of discipline is off the record and after a good spanking the fiery tales of the martinet will fly. Grasping the punch bag in the Gym and gasping as each stoke lashes across his saw bare backside; this young soldier will stay sober for some time to come.

Up to Scotland and up with his kilt as MacMillan (Rusty) a senior academy scholar is in trouble and faces a good licking from Housemaster Mr Carmichael, with three different tawses!

His punished backside still stinging red, Rusty takes revenge on the person who got him into trouble

That person is Richie Sachs (from Sixth Formers – the new term) as another kilt wearing Scots lad who is soon on the receiving end first of a hard spanking, followed by a dose of the famous and very painful Lochgelly Tawse, which certainly brings tears to his eyes.


2 thoughts on “A Taste of Leather – Second Gallery of Pictures”
  1. great guys, awesome asses.
    Marc, I have got figging
    in my inner ass area
    any number of times,
    my dear fellow figged-er.
    Thanks for being so brave.

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