Returning home after a hard days work Nick (Robin palmer) wanted nothing more than to relax with a coffee, unfortunate for him his Step Brother John (Spencer Lake) gets dumped by his girlfriend by text message and in a fit of anger launches his phone across the table and knocks a coffee cup over Nick’s tax paperwork which he had spent two days filing. Needless to say, he is not happy and deals with John there and then…

Ordered over the table, he starts with a hefty wooden spatula from the draw starting on John’s jeans…


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…… and finishing on his bare backside.

Not satisfied Nick then takes john over his knee for a damn good spanking on john’s already throbbing bottom making sure that he gets the message and takes accountability for his behaviour!

Spencer Lake and Robin Palmer as the stepbrothers




Accountability – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Accountability – in Standard Definition



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8 comments on “Accountability

  1. Two great participants but seeing two twenty plus year olds spanking does not tick any of my boxes. Any chance of seeing a twink again, Curtis Cameron one to mention ?

  2. Wish Robin and spencer had both been punished instead.
    Any chance of a scene with Spencer lake and Finn harper being punished together?

  3. Robin is looking great. Was left wondering what underwear Robin had hidden under those jeans. Hopefully more to come from Robin. Spencers long legs looking good.
    A Finn Harper and Robin Pairing would be amazing.

  4. How fabulous to see Robin doing the spanking. He was on the receiving end for so long – the time is right. Good to see you back Robin.

  5. How wonderful to see Robin now as a “spanking top.” He has had plenty of practice at the other end and it is quite clear that his style is much the same as Marco’s. He will no doubt develop his own ways – I look forward to some of his “asides to camera” as he finishes.
    Given his previous work on other sites, I hope we can now see him in a few Hornet productions.

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