Young Robert (Travis McKinnon) has been lucky enough to get a job in an antique shop. The owner is a golfing partner to his Dad. Everything goes well until he is tempted to pocket an expensive watch. Unfortunately he is seen by the owner on a security camera.


Not wanting to make a big problem out of this attempted theft and being a friend of Roberts father the owner gives him a choice. He’ll deal with it or call his dad or worse still the Police. 


Robert’s decision however will lead to some bare bottom punishment something he hasn’t felt since he was a teenager.






At first he is reluctant to strip but soon finds himself naked and ordered over the owners knee. He can’t believe this he is getting spanked again and it seems to sting more than ever!






Robert’s well rounded muscular bare backside is merely being prepared. This sound spanking will be followed by a burning set of stripes from a willow switch usually reserved for walking the dog. 




It’s new painful purpose is to bring some common sense back in to a wayward lad who needs to watch his step in future.










For non-UK based visitors, the title “Aching Antiques” is a play of the series Acorn Antiques which was a parodic soap opera written by British Comic Actress and Script writer Victoria Wood as a regular feature in the two seasons of Victoria Wood As Seen On TV. It was subsequently turned into a musical.

By Bruce

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