Act Your Age 2

The answer to many problems of indiscipline is a good spanking, especially with lads who don’t heed the warnings already given and continually misbehave. This is certainly the case with one lad, O’Neil (Tom Malone) who crossed the line once too often and now has to pay the painful price.


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Having foolishly upset his own Housemaster with a boyish prank he finds he can longer just talk his way out. The Housemaster himself has reached his limit with this boy and intends to put him over his knee for a damn good long spanking! Unfortunately today it doesn’t end there and O’Neil is given a note to take home. It’s just not looking good at all for this wayward college lad.




Act Your Age 2 – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Act Your Age 2 – in Standard Definition


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By Bruce

7 thoughts on “Act Your Age 2”
    1. Hi Corey

      Yes, I believe he would, although I don’t know if or when Sting will make another Hornet

  1. Thanks Bruce.

    I really enjoy the Hornet series as an add on to Sting. Act Your Age 2 is a great film and a part two in a Hornet scene would be excellent.

  2. Those shorts are amazing. Would love to see Finn or James Lewis in those.

    Not normally into Tom but really like his performance in this one.

  3. I love how in the summer at Sting Pictures the short shorts come out, though we’ve actually seen quite a few boys spanked in various pairs of short shorts over recent months, which I thoroughly approve of!
    The very young-looking and ginger- haired Tom particularly suits this green ensemble and it’s also good to see how, since his hair has started growing back, he is slowly regaining that boyish appearance that was one of the features that I found so appealing about his earlier Sting clips.

    This is a severe spanking with young Tom ending up with his bum resembling a couple of raspberry ripples! I always find it a thrill to see how shocked the boy invariably looks when he is getting smacked, as if he had forgotten how much getting his arse tanned really hurt!

    I agree with D that the lad just looks amazing in those tight green shorts, which bring out the pertness of his carved-by-the-gods bottom! Tom was just built by Nature to be laid over the knee and spanked! I also thoroughly endorse what D says about what a treat it would be to see Finn or James Lewis disciplined in those shorts – laid across the knee, of course! And it would be the cat’s ass to see such punishment laid on with a slipper! How about it, Sting?

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