Act Your Age!

Accidentally leaving your wallet with ID cards inside down the pub does leave a bit of a paper trail. This is what Jason (Finn Harper) was soon to find out.

Now the fact that he wasn’t in college all day studying but with his friends comes to light.

If he wants to succeed this boys needs some corrective guidance and all for his own good. It’s time he got a real good long over the knee spanking!


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He’s a little older and bigger now but nevertheless what worked in the past should well work again. As Marco’s stinging slaps rain down on the lads bare bottom the process of wising up certainly starts to kick in.










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By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Act Your Age!”
  1. Young Finn’s acting skills are again to the fore in the preface to his spanking, but I don’t think he needed them during it! There is also a nice focus on his very expressive facial reactions & Marco even inspires him to vocal ones as well. In case anyone thinks Finn is getting off lightly with a hand-spanking, there are a number of fairly intense phases to his punishment when he seems to approach, if not stretch his limits. I almost felt sorry for his bum & even Marco’s hand. I think he might even have welcomed a moderate dose of the cane as the lesser of two evils. Great to see him back & I hope we continue to see much more of him in the future!

  2. The perfect treat for New Year Finn Harper over Marcos knee for a long hard OTK spanking. As always Finn looks incredible. Perfect tight fitting black underwear and black Vans socks. Great to have the socks on throughout the spanking. Some great camera angles showing off perfectly Finns superb backside in and out of his underwear. Finn has been a great addition this year and hopefully we will be seeing much much more of him in the New Year. Happy New Year to all the team thanks for all the great productions and attention to detail.

  3. This is where it’s at for me the epitome of great quality content… Genuine, realistic, no nonsense, no gimmicks and damn right erotic as a spanking film should be. I particularly loved the action in this a good long strung out hard hand spanking OTK reminiscent of those Marco & Robin duo films I used to enjoy so much this is one of those and I loved it!! Everything flowed well the action was spot-on Finn received one hell of a hand spanking which had him struggling to keep composure (in a good way.) I loved how after Marco made Finn take down his briefs Finn reluctantly came waddling back to Marco’s knee while rubbing his bum just to have Marco’s hand raining down on his bare bottom with bout’s of RAPID FIRE it was simply amazing! Marco gave a good performance in this as well he was quick to snap Finn back into place when Finn tried to struggle away Marco’s hand spanking was consistently good throughout oh and It might just be me but I think all of that struggling on Marco’s knee woke Finn’s snake. This is highly arousing and one hell of a good spanking clip even the shot of Finn sprawled out on the sofa at the end rubbing his bottom/eyes with those pouty lips was perfect.

    We’ll done to Finn, Marco and Sting for this fantastic clip a great one to end the year on and on that note I hope everyone has a GREAT NEW YEAR!!

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