The Video Preview for

Act Your Age!

Starring Finn Harper and Marco

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By Bruce

13 thoughts on “Video Preview for Act Your Age!”
  1. What a tremendous hand spanking.
    Finn is a great lad has a bottom any spanker would die for and has taken some thrashings in his Sting productions. I do agree with others that he found Marcos assault at the end difficult to take but he did and did it well. Some of the boys I am sure would have been in tears.
    I don’t know how Marco manages such spankings. He needs to be careful he does not do himself damage!!
    This was a great start to 2021. Thank you Finn, Marco and Sting.

    1. @Michael Brown

      Marco is the spanking KING 👑🦁 hands of stone the pace of a sewing machine – the ultimate spanking master!! 😉 😂

  2. hi
    very hot clip, i like this boy !!

    i hope the next time becomes Finn after Hand spanking any good stripes with the cane, this very naugthy boy need it!

  3. A firecracker of a video. Finn Harper looking amazing in and out of his black underwear. Marco unleashes a OTK spanking on Finn second to none. Finn puts in an amazing performance right through to the end. Hopefully Finn has found a permanent home at STING and there will be many more return visits. (Another paring with James Holt would be good)

  4. Haha! I fully agree with all the above! What a joy it’s been having young Finn with us thus far, and like everyone else, I hope he’s going to be around for a good while yet!

    Poor Finn – he just doesn’t seem to be able to keep out of trouble, does he! The thing I found with this clip is that there is something so much more vulnerable about him in the early bit of the clip – he actually somehow looks younger. Perhaps it was this or the distress he exhibited at the severity of his punishment – or both – that brought out all my fatherly feelings towards the lad in a way I haven’t found with him before while he has been getting his bottom smacked! I am obviously a firm believer in the corporal punishment of boys and have administered many a really severe spanking myself, but, naughty though Finn is, I came close to feeling sorry for him during those rapid-fire smacking sequences across his bare bottom, that visibly nearly reduced him to tears! His facial expressions, too, bordered on the comical! This was a spanking to remember – for viewers as well as for young Finn himself – I very much doubt this is one the errant youth will forget in a hurry!

    One of the features that I just love of any smacking Finn gets is that he is clearly a confirmed wearer of coloured underpants and, moreover, he evidently likes them good and short – and tight! This time the depths of his finger-itchingly-stocked pants-drawer have yielded up a perfect pair of spankingwear that are in one of my favourite colours for punishment underpants and the absolutely optimum length for discipline, showing that the lad never disappoints in that respect!

    He has brought other points of interest to the Stingpictures scene. Those half-mast trousers that he always wears, whatever sort they be, give him a vaguely loutish air which is just perfection when it comes to playing a brat! His slightly more hirsute buttocks and legs make a spicy change among the very bare bottoms and legs of many of the other Stinglads, or BBFC boys for that matter!

    I still would love to see Finn given the cane! My ideal scenario, inspired by the recent one that featured Austin Cook would be to see Finn caned while bending over the raised knee, ideally wearing a grey shirt, the close-fitting shorts he wore in ‘Harper down under’ and the black boxer-briefs he’s wearing in ‘Act your age’. Any chance of passing that on to the powers that be, please, Bruce?

    1. Hi Dr van Spanking

      Thanks for you entertaining and thought provoking comment, I shall certainly pass your suggestions on to Sting


  5. While waiting for a new Finn Harper release Finn has an amazing back catolouge with Sting. Can we request Finn back soon for. a long OTK spanking.

  6. Hi Ethan
    You and many other Finn fans will be pleased to hear that the naughty boy is back in town, and scheduled to film with Sting this week

  7. All of Finns videos are good but agree with Rasputin – Act Your Age tops the list. Finn looking perfect in his black underwear and black socks. Along with many others Scouting for Trouble and Cadet Harper were also amazing. Sequels of these with Finn would be great.
    Jerry Bosak was featured in End the Cycle a sequel to this featruing Finn would also be a suggrstion (anything to get Finn in cycling gear) And mentioing Jerry Bosak if only he would return to Sting.
    Hope Finns new release will be here soon.

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