Actions Speak Louder

Marco is waiting. A note has been found in Finn’s room (Finn Harper) The note contains details of all the lad’s recent misbehaviours in college. It should have been handed over to Marco two weeks ago. Needless to say Marco is not happy about it.

Finn will have to feel the full weight of discipline and take it like a man. He is immediately ordered to bend over a kitchen chair.


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In this case a time-honoured instrument is to be used, the heavy wooden spoon, well known to lads from Eastern Europe as the main home punishment tool.

A few good whacks with the wooden spoon and then a lengthy spanking on his bare bottom will urge Finn to own up quickly in the future if he falls foul of college rules.




Actions Speak Louder – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Actions Speak Louder – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

7 thoughts on “Actions Speak Louder”
  1. Great to see Finn back in a story-line which gives free rein to his acting abilities. I always love it when Sting adds in these little elements. His reactions are priceless. Also great to see him struggling to sit down afterwards. Thanks Sting for your creativity & Finn for your forbearance, hope to see much more of you!

  2. Finn is delightful in the latest update. Some great camera work catching all the action particularly Finns wonderful facial expressions. He looks amazing in his tight jeans while over the chair and appreciated the spanking over his jeans and then the underwear, before being lowered to around his ankles. Sting is so good at the details.(the socks were the icing on the cake). Finn is exceptional as is the production – some great photos too. Bring back Finn soon.

  3. Always a delight to see Finn. Great in those tight fitting jeans and the delights of nice colourful pants and of course the bare bottom.
    Finn however, needs more than a wooden spoon to whack his wonderful bottom. It needs slipper, strap or cane.
    Agree there were some great close ups of his bottom and private bits. His acting is good for this type of scene but sometimes a bit over the top.
    A good purchase.

  4. I am almost at a loss for words! (Almost, but not quite) What an amazing video! Marco knows just how to scold without yelling too loud, and clearly knows how to wield the evil/beloved wooden spoon! Finn looks great in every position and state of dress/undress, and in addition to his telling facial expressions, I have to admit that I love the grunts, growls and whimpers, too. He holds nothing back in letting us know that this REALLY hurts, and I admire him for it. I especially loved the more real-life touches of him trying to dodge the punishment and promising to be a good boy. Thank you so much for incorporating those!!
    Great to hear so much dialogue from him. I still hope he never learns his lesson, although it looked like he was seriously contemplating his life choices in this one:) If he should find himself on the receiving end of the wooden spoon again (please please please), I hope it is administered OTK, more in keeping with tradition, at least in North America and my personal experience.
    Bravo to all involved, and echoing Ethan and Vince (and many more to come, no doubt), please bring Finn back again soon!

  5. O, ye gods of Spankers’ Heaven! This really is young Finn at his most absolutely uber-spankable! He looks so smackable bent over the chair in those jeans, it’s just not true! And what a super selection from his pants-drawer is revealed when his jeans come down! He has to have put that pair on on purpose, surely! Dazzlingly brightly coloured and the perfect length for spankingwear!

    I was thinking how much I’d love to see Finn laid over the knee in those jeans, then I realised that he had been in ‘Paying the price’. Although I love to see this drop-dead gorgeous young lad laid across the knee and walloped, I think he looks even more spankable bending over the chair!

    The wooden spoon is a truly painful instrument of punishment and can leave a naughty boy’s bottom severely bruised! Well done to Finn for taking his punishment well, even though the discipline Marco laid on clearly hurt!

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