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Discipline USA 5

Some college students are just downright lazy and carefree thinking they are far too cool for school. One such senior (Ryan Conway) has to report to the Principal’s office. He arrives outside and even at this stage of his disciplinary hearing decides to light up a cigarette, right outside the office!

This is a pretty dumb if not brazen act of defiance and of course infuriates the Principal even more. This boy will need to be shown who is the boss around here and a good paddling right down to his bare butt is a good place to start.


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After this, senior or not, he can go over the Principal’s knee for a good spanking!

Discipline USA 6

Its across the pond again as we find cheeky Robin Palmer playing the role of a college student in trouble. He’s sneaked in to the Principals office to use his phone.

All goes well until he’s discovered mid way through his chit chat.

Now he’ll need to smart talk his way out of a very tricky situation.

The Principal of course is not interested in verbal excuses, he knows exactly what he saw, this boy is becoming far too bold for his liking. Time he learned to obey the college rules a lot more than he’s been doing of late.

Perhaps a few good swats of the paddle on his bare bottom, might put some sense back in to this wannabe delinquent.

Followed by an over the knee spanking on that now very sore bottom

The Principal can take satisfaction in a job well done!

Discipline USA 7

A strict diet in training is essential for any team. So when a key player is found sneaking away in the changing rooms, gorging on doughnuts, the coach isn’t a happy man. The coach (James Holt) decides it’s time to re-train his top boy (Rick Palmer) before he loses his level of fitness required to head a winning team.

Nothing better than re starting at the bottom and to that end he administers a good hand spanking right down to the lads bare bottom. This of course is just phase one.

Phase two will involve the old wooden persuader, kept ready for just such an occasion. This well used and holed paddle is a real stinger! If this young player decides on a feast of fatty doughnuts again the pain in his butt will be a stinging reminder. Choose your calories carefully and the coach won’t get riled!

Discipline USA 8

Another unruly senior knocks on the Principals door. This time its Duane (new StingLad Enzo Novotny) He’s got himself in to trouble in class and now has to answer for his poor behaviour. It isn’t the first time so its likely the Principal, in his usual way, is going stop this nonsense in its tracks..

Duane is ordered to place the chair in position, his re-education will start with a good spanking!

As he assumes the position after the spanking, out comes the flat leather strap. Now his well reddened and stinging bare bottom will get a sound leather strapping.

This senior had better now review his behaviour otherwise a return and more severe visit will always be on the cards.




Discipline USA 5, 6, 7 & 8 in HD


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  1. For a guy old enough to have hairy sproutin’ all over yer buttocks, you sure get into a lotta trouble with yer stupid stunts, young buck.

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