Alex in Trouble

When a boy is staying over as a guest he notices a wallet on the side (New StingLad Alex Blade) and decides to help himself.

This is not a smart move and his actions are soon detected by his host. It’s his wallet of course, and he’s now none too pleased.

Time to instil some discipline into this wayward lad before it’s too late!


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Starting off with a good spanking is something the boy has never yet experienced, it might just do some good.

If not, the belt to follow will certainly get his attention

Introducing Alex Blade




Alex in Trouble – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Alex in Trouble – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Alex in Trouble”
  1. Although Alex is cute and has an amazing butt, this spanking is very sensual. It doesn’t feel like a punishment… Easily, could be the beginning sequence of a Hornet release. (I love some Hornet videos, my problem is not with sensuous spanking, but I think that a regular Sting video is not the place for that).

  2. Ohhhhh, and now will Marco , Alex’s older brother comes in and Archie will be spanked in front of Alex ..what do you think?

  3. Well, a sensual spanking or not, it was certainly a sensual experience watching young Alex being disciplined!

    First of all, what a find this lad is! As I’ve observed before, there is more to being spankable than just a pert, well-rounded and cheeky bottom, though that clearly is an absolute prerequisite, or else where do we begin?! But there is also having a boyish physique, smackable legs and youthful good looks! Alex has these qualities in abundance, plus I do like the slightly sullen cast to his face and the fact that he is wearing a pair of shorts that are short enough to be sexy and spankable! And what makes this video for me and why I resolved to buy it was this boy’s choice of underpants: very tight briefs and just a great colour for smacking – the perfect choice of spankingwear! It has been a joy lately at Jock Spank to see more boys wearing briefs, and reassures me that the custom is still alive – whilst I do love the regular sights we get at JS and FTS of lads in short, tight boxer-briefs, there is no doubt in my mind that briefs have the edge when it comes to punishment underpants! White boner-killer briefs, of course, being the exception!

    I love the fact that in this video, we get two very traditional punishments: first young Alex laid over the knee for a good old-fashioned smacked bottom, and then a sound thrashing with the good old leather belt – an instrument of punishment used to discipline boys from time immemorial, and one of which I was a regular recipient back in the day! I particularly like the way Archie takes off his belt to administer the second part of Alex’s tanning! It recalled the words I’d had many times used to me ‘I’ll take my belt off to you!’ Another big turn-on was when Alex took his shorts off – clearly embarrassed to be standing in his briefs awaiting a smacked bum! I don’t know if anybody else felt that there was an indication from something of a bulge in Alex’s shorts and, if you look closely, in his blue briefs, that there was a certain amount of anticipation of his punishment going on there – try taking a close look, haha!

    I can’t wait to see more of this uberspankable, errant young rascal! In particular, I’ll be looking to see what other smackable treasures are nestling in what looks to be a pants-drawer full of Eastern European promise!

  4. Excellent models. Bothe needs to be spanked though. And much firmer that we see her. Definitely caning material. Lets see more of them in trouble.

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