The Video Preview for

Alex in Trouble

starring Alex Blade and Archie

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For the next three weeks a copy of the video preview trailer can be downloaded from SendSpace by CLICKING HERE


The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube




Alex in Trouble – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Alex in Trouble – in Standard Definition


An HD version of this video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

Sting Pictures


Title 2257

By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Video Preview for Alex in Trouble”
  1. Always great to see belt in action! Especially that it’s removed directly from trousers, which is my great favourite. Guess it’s not as common in Western Europe like in the east, that’s why STING is not using it that often these days.

  2. As it happens, the belt was in very regular use as an instrument of punishment in Britain both in homes and schools for a very long time indeed – it is in fact a centuries-old implement of discipline. It was administered fairly regularly across my bottom as an alternative to the slipper when I’d been especially naughty – and I am aware of two homes where it is still used!

  3. I bought this video. I normally prefer hunky bottoms, but Alex is a cute lad, and he looks great in that skimpy, form-fitting brief while lying over Archie’s lap. Archie is supposed to punish Alex for stealing, but instead he gives the lad a sensual spanking – not exactly appropriate. This video would have been much better if Alex had been given a long, hard spanking, and he had responded to his punishment with lots of groaning, grunting, squirming, kicking, grimacing, whimpering etc.

    Still, Alex is an attractive lad, and if he can respond to a spanking in a more demonstrative way in future videos I will buy them – especially if he wears skimpy, form-fitting briefs.

    By the way, Bruce, did you dress Alex in that pair of briefs for this video, or did he wear his own underwear?

    1. Hi Rasputin

      I am not sure whether Alex’s pants were his own Quite often the actors are given pants from our costume department, however, that video was not filmed in the usual studio, the director would have needed to take briefs in Alex’s size to the location with him. So they may have been the actor’s own clothes.

      I will see if anyone remembers

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