Angry Step Dads: Bad Attitude

There comes a time in every young lads life when petulant behaviour will no longer be tolerated. Losing your temper and smashing things up just because you can’t get your own way will soon lead to a direct confrontation with the powers that be. In this case his Step Dad!

This is now the case for one such boy (Jaydee Black) and now his Step Dad is going to step in and put some sense back in to the situation. If the lads going to act like a cocky young brat then he’s going to get treated like one. Its been a while since he last took a good spanking but now seems to be the best time to remind him what this sort of unacceptable behaviour brings.

Namely a good spanking, with jeans and shorts down and on the bare bottom too! Enough is enough.


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By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Angry Step Dads: Bad Attitude”
  1. Fantastic crotch shots!!

    I believe it is part of the punishment that a guy should be obligated to show and have his most Intimate parts exposed to further add to the embarrassment of him being punished!!

  2. A lovely little clip. It is good to see that Sting have gone back to what they do best, featuring handsome late teens being disciplined.

  3. Bad attitude just sums young Jaydee up! What a brat! From the moment he walked into the room, I found myself wanting to lay him over my knee and spank him with my hardest slipper! Attitude like that has to be smacked out of a boy – there’s no other truly effective way of adjusting it! Rob clearly appreciates this as he goes to work on the lad, and it’s always a treat to watch an expert spanker dealing with a naughty boy as he should be dealt with!

    There is only one position for a recalcitrant teenager like Jaydee to be disciplined in for this kind of infantile behaviour and that is for him to be laid over the knee like a naughty little boy – which is exactly how he’s acting! I think, too, a boy who goes round with a bottom like that just asks to be smacked! I think Jaydee’s well-rounded bum is one of the most exquisitely pert and cheeky bottoms I’ve yet seen on Jock Spank – and when you think how stiff the competition has been with the likes of say, Tigger, Aaron Alton and Robin Palmer, (not the only thing that’s been stiff fnarr! fnarr!) that is saying something! Moulded by the gods for spanking!

    Please, PLEASE! I thought – with that bottom he has got to be wearing coloured underpants and not white boner-killers, and the joy when his trousers came down to see that he was wearing black boxer-briefs – one of my favourite colours for spankingwear!! And one of my favourite brands for a boy to wear while I am laying on a good hard tanning across his backside! Calvin Klein seem to have a knack of making briefs that are just the perfect length for punishment and I really like the fact that they have no seams in the seat, which makes them look a lot smoother over a teenboy’s bottom! Oh my ears and whiskers, I thought, have I died and gone to Spankers’ Heaven???!!! If not, then truly a cherub has come to visit us from there – a very naughty one! And I hope he stays around for a long time!!!

  4. I concur with these comments. This is another great clip. Jaydee looks the perfect teen to discipline and has a bottom just made for spanking and the slipper,

    I would love to see him and some of the other new lads in an extended modern day school scene and in a Hornet production. By the way when are we going to see another such issue or has Hornet been dropped from the Sting range. Is there any news on this.

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