Angry Step Dads – Light Fingered


Austin’s allowance hasn’t gone far enough this week and he’s looking for a bit more. He’s up early and wants to hit the town with his mates. He knows Rob is snoozing in the lounge so decides on a bit of skulduggery. However, it doesn’t go quite how he expected!


Sneaking in he spies his Step Dad on the couch and attempts a silent snatch so he can borrow, unofficially that is, a bit more loot.


Caught literally red handed he now has to face the music.


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The tune is not to be a happy one (for Austin) but the rhythm is perfect. The resounding slap of a firm hand meeting with a well rounded boys bare bottom is music to the ears.


The finale of course will be played on Step Dad’s preferred instrument of correction, the old leather strap.




Angry Step Dads – Light Fingered – in 1080p Extra High Definition


Angry Step Dads – Light Fingered – in Standard Definition



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By Bruce

7 thoughts on “Angry Step Dads – Light Fingered”
  1. Found it contained some superb shots of young Austin’s bottom but I do wish Rob had put more weight into both his hand and strap strokes..
    Personally as much as I adore seeing his lovely bottom disciplined, think its time for Austin to be rested for a while to allow some of the other great Sting boys to come forward.

  2. @michael brown very well said. He has a great arse but is not cute or handsome, now the new boy Jerry is Handsome, Andy Easton is cute with a way better arse than Austin. Just my opinion!

    1. @ both of you above

      I think Austin is cute and handsome I much prefer him over Andy well it’s a good job we all have different taste because what you don’t like someone else will! 👏

  3. Another good movie. A great scene when Austin is standing undressed at the wall after spanking and he looks at Rob waiting for his permission. It brings back memories.

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