Angry Stepbrothers

Stealing money is never a good idea especially when it belongs to your stepbrother. But this is what Tim (Timmy Cole) has been doing for a while.

However, now his time is up as his stepbrother (Finn Harper) catches him in the act and needless to say he is not a happy man.

As Tim starts to get dressed after a shower and being caught, his stepbrother arrives and lets him know he is going to be punished for his actions


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So over his knee he goes for a good spanking

Finishing on his bare backside


Tim is already feeling the heat, but he is in for a shock as his stepbrother returns with the leather strap in hand, with Tim already in the perfect position the strapping begins. As the intensity increases Tim soon learns that stealing money was a very bad idea! One thing for sure he wont be doing it again.



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Title 2257

By Bruce

9 thoughts on “Angry Stepbrothers”
  1. awesome! now, let’s see part 2 where dad catches Finn spanking his brother and gives him a taste of his own medicine in front of his brother!

  2. Indeed very good. Timmy has such a super bottom – smooth pert and a real peach to receive discipline.
    A good scene too.

  3. YES!! Thank you. Perfect in so many ways. Timmy is so spankable and its great to see Finn dishing 1it out for a change.

  4. WOW!!! I’m not sure whether to feel relieved or deprived that my big brother never laid me over his knee like that, though he did spank his own kids.

    This is a new role for young Finn, but he seems to fit the part very naturally – he is, of course, thoroughly experienced at taking discipline and I’m guessing he will know those all-important things when it comes to laying on a spanking – just where to smack and how hard, how long to let the pain build up between spanks before smacking again…all those features that make a difference to the effectiveness of a well-spanked bottom!

    And what about young Timmy, eh? Oh, my ears and whiskers, surely an angel twink stepped straight down out of the portals of Spankers’ Heaven! So cute and boyish and with a physique moulded by the gods for corporal punishment, from his beautifully rounded, impossibly pert and very bare peachy little bottom to his wondrously whippable back and shoulders – I wouldn’t mind laying my cat-o’-six-tails good and hard across those! And all this shown off to perfection by the angles at which he is first laid over Finn’s knee and then while he is bent over the bed!. I love the underpants sequence to – his boxer briefs are a great colour for punishment and the perfect length for discipline! I’m looking forward to becoming more closely acquainted with the contents of his pants-drawer as we see more of him – hopefully there are no white boner-killers in there to ruin his phenomenal spankableness!

    I, too, would love to see a sequel where Finn is given a good smacked bottom for taking matters too much into his own hands. The correct thing to do would have been to acquaint his Dad with Timmy’s behaviour and let his Dad deal with the little scamp. That sort of summary justice ought not to be allowed, however angry Finn had the right to be – this situation requires the hard hand of parental discipline!

  5. Interesting update. Definitely on team Finn and he’s looking amazing in his white t shirt and ripped jeans. As always Finn does a great job here but hopefully we can see him return to his usual role very soon. (Was left wondering what underwear Finn was wearing under those Jeans) Could we get to see Finn in some gym/cycling compression shorts and some briefs in future updates?

    1. I too was wondering what colour underpants young Finn was wearing – we would find out if the proposed sequel were made whereby Finn was given a good smacked bottom over his dad’s knee as a punishment for taking matters too much into his own hands!

  6. Thanks for this. Finn make a good spanker ( but I have the impression that he is not a hard spanker). And of course he should get it from stepdad for giving it to stepbrother. Cane for him.

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