Enjoy over an hour and a half of cute, but mischievous, Robin Palmer, earning and receiving a series of bare bottom spankings, whacking, Caning and belting, Which he always deserves, and we all love to watch. This third “Just Robin” Compilation features scenes from no less than nine videos, and, of course, they all end with naughty Robin getting a very sore, bright cherry red. bottom.

The nine videos in this spanking compilation are:

Teacher’s Pests


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Bad Lads 2

The Housemaster’s Study 4

Penalty Part 3

The Borstal Part 4

What a Dope


Angry Step Dads now and then again



Just Robin – Part 3

Sting Pictures


Title 2257

The (Very Red) End

By Bruce

8 thoughts on ““Just Robin” Compilation (Part 3)”
    1. The version available via Clips4Sale has been edited to comply with their requirements, and does not include the ninth video “Angry Step Dads Now and then again” due to the appearance of Sting’s continuity advisor, Rocky, who, being a dog, is not allowed by C4S.rules.

    1. Hi Leonard
      The Just Robin Compilation videos are in basic mp4 format (Standard) and Apple users should not have a problem playing them
      The individual videos which make up the compilation are available in HD 1080p definition in MP4 format
      MP4 is the format most companies use at the moment

    2. Hi again Leonard
      The Sting Producer, Rob, has asked me to add that if you are having difficulty playing a video, please contact him at stgpictures@msn.com and he will be happy to try and convert it for you.


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