Approved Education Part 4: It’s back to review the stiff discipline of the Approved schools. Lacklustre youth Alex Parker (Jimmy Evans) has broken the law again. The magistrate, now completely fed up with his behaviour, sentences him to time served in an Approved School. 


These British institutions were originally designed to put back discipline and respect in to the wayward young lads of the day. Inside if you didn’t behave life can be very tough. Two runaway lads, Tom Bailey (Pavel Novy) and Mark Anderson (New Sting lad Alexander Syden) have upset the senior master to such and extent that he sends them to be dealt with by a young house master Mr Crossley (Eddie Savion) They are to get a good hiding in the old school tradition. First bent over in their tight regulation grey shorts the rattan can cracks down.




However this is merely a prelude to a firm over the knee spanking, bare bottom, high on the well-built master’s leg. Their backsides are now burning and growing redder with each stinging slap!



Mr Crossley is not one to do things by halves so the tearful lads soon find themselves  over his old desk getting a thick well used brown leather belt across there already scolded bare bottoms. They yelp and squeal in unison at every stinging lash! 


On the discipline front Alex Parker isn’t doing too well either, his weekly reports being terrible. The Deputy Head sends him to another fit young master Mr Cross (Mike Cross) to knock the insolence out of him.  This he does with relish knowing he has young Parker completely under his control



Very soon too Parkers upturned rounded bare bottom is red raw and after a second round of spanking face down on the bench he finds himself paying his debts to Mr Cross over the masters desk. Now he’s really taken down a peg or two and learnt that he serves his masters not the other way around! Another successful lesson in Approved Education.





By Bruce

14 thoughts on “Approved Education – Part 4”
  1. Loved his hard on while he was being spanked over the knee! That is the best!!!!! Please do more of those hard ons while being spanked!!! Please Sting!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

  2. Regarding Approved Education Part4—Very well done The clips give good indication of what I’d a good spanking -Ass whipping There is little indication of any mercy given in this situation All of the spankee s appear to know how to assume the position so that would indicate to me that they have been in this position previously .There is little doubt that all of these young man had very sore Hineys when all was said and done I also liked the process from beginning to end .However perhaps all of the clothes could have come off sooner in some of the clips

    1. I agree with all of the aboveI too I believe the clips were classic However I too believe that the clothes should have come off sooner .We all are ware that when every thing is done it s a Bare Ass whiipping so what the issue with clothes.I’m my view having clothes on just defers the process.Having bad boys stripfrom the beginning adds to the humiliation and it also sends a message that what about to happen is without any mercy as it should be

  3. I just tried to find this video on stings website and it seems to no longer be availble. Are there any chances of that changing in the future?

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