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By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Video trailer – For Days of Discipline”
  1. My primary interest in this video would be Rudi Valance, a well-built and very handsome new model. The briefs worn by Rudi are excellent – tight and skimpy. That said, Rudi’s reaction to his punishment is a little too stoic for my taste.

    Bruce, that appraisal of “Days of Discipline” was based on viewing both the stills and the video trailer. Do you know if Rudi becomes more demonstrative in parts of the film that are NOT covered in the still and trailer? If that is the case, please tell me so and I will buy this film simply because Rudi is so attractive and he is wearing the right kind of underwear.

    I look forward to your reply.

    1. Hi Rasputin

      Rudi certainly does look very attractive in this video. He is relatively new to spanking, indeed, although he has appeared in some previously released videos this was actually his first ever performance, and as such probably a bit of a frightening experience.

      He is a naturally quite and reserved individual kin real life and gave a generally stoic performance of which the video trailer is quite representative.

      The other actors, particularly Connor and Jesse on the other hand do give quite demonstrative performances.


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