Approved School Spanking in “Approved Education 17” (Part 1 of 2)

Approved Education 17

The on going daily routine at Bishopsfield Approved Educational Institution finds the usual suspects up to no good. It sometimes takes a firm dose if discipline to bring them back in to line and the Headmaster is certainly not afraid to use it when necessary.

The first delinquent of the day to be dealt with is Dawson (Robin Palmer) He’s be making thorough nuisance of himself and causing problems between the other boys, which led to as fight in the common room. Its gone on long enough and now the Head is going to take firm action. He sends Dawson to his own Housemaster, Mr Sharpe, to be severely punished.



Now the Master’s old riding whip to be followed by a good spanking on the bare bottom will almost certainly be the order of the day.


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Part 2 and the Preview Video will be posted tomorrow



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9 comments on “Approved School Spanking in “Approved Education 17” (Part 1 of 2)

  1. I am not normally attracted to twinks, I much prefer older guys with muscular legs and hunky brooding looks. Anyhow Robin does have an extremely naughty face and looks good with the shorter hair style. Like his ears would like to see him pulled by one of them…..I like the way that Marco often opens a guys legs when he spanks OTK… I totally love the riding crop ..its a very erotic instrument and I love the type of marks it leaves on a guys butt.

  2. Oh, my ears and whiskers! Young Robin just goes on getting more and more spankable every time we see him! We’ve seen other lads in those gorgeous uniforms, some of them very smackable indeed! But I don’t think I’ve seen a boy looking as cheeky, boyish and punishable in it as Robin. He really is a bottom-smacker’s dream come true, and I really hope that Marco realises just what a lucky LUCKY fellow he is to be able to bend that little monkey over and then lay him over his knee, knowing that the young rascal will stay there taking whatever he cares to dish out until he has finished with him! Of course, I’m sure he does realise that – how could he not??? And is it my imagination or does Robin’s cheeky bottom seem to be getting cheekier and more pert with each new situation we see him in? I’d love to think so!!!

    Here’s just a thought for a future scenario, if I might be so presumptuous? Sting has done some great swim team videos and I wondered if they had thought of one involving Robin? The sight of him naked except for a pair of speedos stretched over that beautifully sounded, phenomenally spankable bottom…Just a thought. I’ll have to leave you with it as, if I go on, there’s a danger of a huge explosion down below, so to speak…

    • Hi Dr van Spanking, what an interesting suggestion! I have to admit that I am very partial to handsome, spankable, men in speedos myself!! I imagine the spanking might siing more if they are wet!!

  3. Hello, Bruce. I understand that is the case, yes!

    Perhaps we might hope for a sympathetic response from those wonderfully creative spankers at Sting? Just the mental image of Robin over either Richard or Rob’s knee in a pair of swimming-briefs is almost more than I can bear…!!!

  4. I’d prefer wonderful Robin in speedos over Johan Volny’s knees
    in a way so that Robin’s anus could be full open…
    I think there would be something else after spanking…

  5. Yes, Robin over Johan’s knee in a pair of swimming-briefs as well is a thought definitely worth dwelling on! Especially when it’s clear from other videos we’ve seen him in that Johan does smack boys’ bottoms very hard – as, of course, the little monkeys thoroughly deserve! Any chance of it, Sting? There would definitely seem to be more than one voice asking for this…

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