Army Cadets 7

The military training and discipline continues in scene two

The second Trooper is Stanton (Joshua Clark) his training officer (Johann Volny) is tired of his attitude to instructional periods. This young trooper needs a wake up call.

Nothing better to do this that a good licking with an leather strap! The Training Officers prefer a short shape shock approach as it keeps the troopers eventual records nice and clean.




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The recruits prefer it too although Trooper Stanton doesn’t like getting a stinging spanking across the officers knee, like he used to as a boy at home, especially over those burning strap marks!







This sore bottomed young Trooper will certainly make sure hie weapon is in good order in future!





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One thought on “Army Cadets 7 (Part 2 of 2)”
  1. Love the army theme , the atmosphere and the uniforms . Ariel Varga has very sexy legs and once again I wish his shorts were shorter and tighter . Both the tops and the bottoms in Army Cadets 7 have hot bodies. Fit hot men and boys , switches and straps all make up a very erotic sizzling piece of entertainment. Well done !!!!!

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