Phil Stone is Trooper Marshall in

Training continues at the 12th Field Calvary regiment enforced by the usual system of strict discipline. The young cadets know that rule violations will be followed by a charge that can lead to corporal punishment. This however is often preferred to having a black mark entered on their training records, these being very important for their on-going military careers.
Trooper Marshall (Phil Stone) is up on a charge for breaches of discipline and waits now in the training room for the squad sergeant (Marco) He’s up for punishment, off the record of course and can expect it to start with a good spanking.
For a big muscular lad this is humiliating and when the quick fire slaps rain down his well-rounded bare bottom is truly on fire!


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Now he ordered over the ammunition box and a stinging leather strapping is laid on followed by the time honoured army rattan cane. Needless to say the lad’s poor hind quarters are painfully scorched.







In the second set of pictures from Army Discipline – the Barracks, Trooper Peterson (Karl Fraser) has also been charged. Failure to maintain his personal weapon in good order has earned him a visit to the training room. 


This cadet is lazy and keeping your rifle is good order is tantamount during military service. The boy needs a reminder.







That comes soon enough and once again the sergeant’s heavy hand comes stinging down of Petersons exposed and raised bare backside.



Over the knee like a naughty boy is just the start, next he is bending over ready to receive the old thick leather army strap reserved to burn some sense in to a wayward cadets bare bottoms.


This well used instrument leaves a raw and  burning impression on to the young troopers rounded backside! 





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