Birchings were administered is various ways and positions but surely the most famous is to kneel on the heavy wooden birching block! This creative accessory has a long  history and a preserved real version of it can still be seen in the museum at Eton College.



Robinson, played by Oscar Hart just lately has been pushing his luck and breaking one rule after another. As a senior he is expected to set a good example to the juniors, this he seriously fails to do. The Headmaster has had enough and now an example really will be made but out of the boy himself.






Caught in the dormitory after lights out playing music far too loud his housemaster Mr Sharpe is told to give him a good hand spanking. 





Being somewhat of an expert in this field he turns young Robinson’s bare backside a bright burning red.



This however is only the start. Robison failed to heed the many warnings he was given and will now face an official birching. Face down, kneeling on the wooden step, his bare bottom splayed and raised high the boy can only wait in trepidation as the birch twigs are swished through the air in readiness.


And it isn’t long before they leave their mark!!





Another pupil Edmonds, played by Ariel Varga has also been ordered to be birched.



He too has fallen foul of the rule book and must now take his place on the birching block. He watches as the formidable instrument is drawn from its container and placed in position on his defenceless bare bottom.


Edmonds can feel that the wooden block has positioned him so his buttocks are dangerously exposed.


The birch descends, its biting spray of well soaked twigs hits home covering a wide area. Edmonds undoubtedly feels the sting but this is just the first stroke! It will build and build now to a scorching conclusion.





Later for further punishment he too will go over the knee, his poor whipped bare bottom now to be soundly spanked!




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