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Discipline Down Under: All Mouth And…

The Headmaster has his hands full again with a couple of lads who have managed to get themselves in to trouble. He’s pretty busy with other issues so sends them to their own Housemaster’s to be dealt with.

First is Jack Royce (Jay Sheen) he has produced the most unsatisfactory mid report again and it doesn’t look good for his chances to past the final exams he needs. The Headmaster should report the matter to his parents but instead sends him to his Housemaster (James Holt) Hopefully a short sharp shock might focus him more in the coming months.

The Housemaster is aware of Jack’s attitude to work and decides to lay on some firm discipline. Firstly a spanking on his grey shorts and then on the bare bottom …..


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with young jack bent right over the armchair



Then a stinging hand spanking high on the Housemaster’s knee. Bare backside raised high, this will definitely burn the message home.







In the second scene another Aussie lad is disciplined by his housemaster


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Discipline Down Under: All Mouth And … in 1080p Extra High Definition


Discipline Down Under: All Mouth And … in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Aussie Spanking in “Discipline Down Under : All Mouth And ……..” (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Jay Sheen and James Holt plays a very hot scene: I adore feet dangling on air with anus exposed!
    Could you play more and more Sting’s lads in this sexy position?
    I would suggest king of brats Robin: will he accept this total humiliation?,
    Other choices: Milo Milis, Johannes Lars, Kamyk Walker or others twinks who has got white pale bum and pink anus.

  2. The electricity between these 2 actors is hot. James Holt has a hot body and I can see he enjoys being the spanker and is quite impressive. He makes an interesting switch however because I’d still like to see him spanked. To me he is ideally very spankable!!! Jay Sheen facinates me because of his face…I find his face very sensual , beautiful arousing deep unfathomable. If anything he is more kissable than anything else. He is just sooooo CUTE !!! ….although I was impressed by the liason between these 2 I am daring to say that I’d love to see the roles reversed…. Jay spanking james would be for me very erotic and interesting to see.

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