The second Aussie Spanking Scene from:

Discipline Down Under – All Mouth and No …. !!


 The second boy, Louis Morgan (Ryan Conway) is a senior. He’s a sports captain and prone to overly bad language. His profanities got him in to trouble before and now, having sworn at another teacher, is sent to his Housemaster Mr Sharpe to be reminded of his manners.


He’ll get a good caning for sure, on shorts first …



…..then his bare bottom.

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However having been warned before this time he’ll be going over the knee, like a naughty boy, for a good spanking. For a big lad like Louis this will be very humiliating.




Over his well caned rear the fiery sting of Mr Sharpe’s hard hand will give him more than an excuse to curse, if he dares that is!




As the old saying goes he’s “All Mouth and No Trousers” and when a lad runs his mouth off like Louis Morgan did, he soon finds himself with no pants to cover a very sore and red bottom!

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By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Discipline Down Under “All Mouth and No …!” (Part 2 of 2)”
  1. I often find tall guys either too skinny or too big. Ryan Conway is niether. Mmm he is just the right size, nice and hunky but not too hunky. He is delightful spankee eye candy with his long legs and manly body sculpture. There’s something sooo hot about a tall guy being spanked especially by someone smaller or shorter. Marco is always authentic and I love it when he looks pleased with himself. Still I find I’m attracted to various Sting actors for different reasons. Would love to see how Jay Sheen might do as a spanker … Something about his smouldering pretty boy face tells me he may enjoy it..he just needs to let loose and wallop some of the bigger boys for his own pleasure. Mmmm oh yeah please take a chance … would be so edgy and evocative. Also bring back Jirka and have him dominate and spank James Holt.

  2. There is nothing more erotic in my mind than a lad being caned in tight grey shorts touching his ties with his full round bottom perfectly positioned for discipline. The stretched fabric enhances a fine bottom. It’s good too when the shorts come down for a further dose on tightly whities before a dose on the bare bottom. Use this guy again. His bottom is awesome. Almost Darrenesque!

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