Austin Feels The Sting


Another badly behaved lad is knocking on the Headmaster’s door. This time its Casey (Austin Cook) reported yet again for breaking the rules . He saunters in with the usual attitude but today he’s going to regret it! He’s never had the cane before but now that is to change and he’s going to find out just how stingy this traditional rattan rod can be.

又一个坏小子敲响了校长办公室的门。这次登门报到的是再次违反规定的CaseyAustin Cook)。他像往常一样漫不经心地晃荡进来,但今天他会后悔的!他以前从来没挨过藤条,现在是时候让他尝尝滋味了,他将发现这支传统的藤杖是多么的刺痛。

He’s quite shocked as the Headmaster whips it through the air and he hears the time honoured swish so many bad lads have heard before him. Now he must bend over and take its sting across his nicely rounded backside, first on his grey shorts …….



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…..then right down to his bare bottom.




After the cane a spanking is on the cards for sure.






Note to Austin fans: This really is the first time he has had the cane and he hates it. This is easy to see in his reactions, of course. He wanted to try and a salary upgrade helped of course but he’s now in no mood to get it again, if he can help it!





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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Austin Feels The Sting”
  1. Oh, my ears and whiskers! O ye gods of Spankers’ Heaven! don’t know about any of young Austin’s other fans, but this truly is the one ‘ve been waiting for! This gorgeous, phenomenally-pert-bottomed young lad getting the cane!

    I take my hat off to the boy, since it’s clear that this is a real punishment for him! Yes, you can see how much he hates it and how much agony he’s gong through, poor little fellow! All credit to him for wanting to give it a go and if I may say so, I reckon he deserves a bit extra in his pocket for it! At his age I was very familiar indeed with the sting of the cane – the deep bite that seemed to go right through your lower regions and into your cock, the burning pain that built up to a hideous crescendo with each stroke across you r bottom and just made you want to scream in agony – as indeed some boys did!

    As ever, Austin looks great in shorts, navy-blue briefs (a favourite spankingwear colour for me) and then with his beautifully rounded bottom bared for the last and severest stage of the caning. And, of course, no Austin clip would be complete without him being laid over the knee to have his bottom smacked very hard with all Marco’s customary vigour, vim and skill!

    Well taken, Austin, my lad! I can’t I say blame you for your reluctance to take another thrashing like that! A supple, whippy rattan rod across your bottom is a very different matter from being disciplined with a hand, however hard it is laid on! And that’s harsh and painful experience talking…!

  2. I agree with the good Doctor this is a must for us fans of Austin but do differ from his view that Austin was well punished. I thought Marco pulled back on many of the cane strokes. Having watched the film several times and viewed the photographs as well, there looks a lack of spiteful welts on his bottom.
    If you wish to see a well caned bottom you should see how Dear Robins or Andy’s look after they have been disciplined by Marco.

  3. Thanks for your comment Michael. Of course the severity of a punishment is, in part determined by how the person being punished experienced it, and their personal tolerance of pain. This was Austin’s first ever caning, and from his perspective it was mighty severe!! 🙂

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