Tales from the Headmaster’s Study 9

Report to Mr Hiedrick

校长办公室的故事 9

Scene 2

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Two other roughish characters from the student body, Willoughby (Kamyk Walker) and Foster (Kurt Maddix) have finally exhausted the Headmasters patience. He sends them both to to be dealt with by Mr Hiedrick (Dexter) the toned young PE master.

学生中另外两个桀骜不驯的家伙WilloughbyKamyk Walker) Foster (Kurt Maddix)最终耗尽了校长的耐心。他将他们两人交给年轻健壮的体育教师Hiedrick 先生(Dexter)收拾。

The place of execution is the Gym store where both lads received a good hand spanking on their upturned bare bottoms. The young Mark Willougy high over the masters knee and the senior lad Foster, the ringleader in fact, stretched out on the vaulting horse his bare bottom raised.

惩罚在健身房中被执行,两名年轻人高高翘起赤裸的臀部,被狠狠打了一顿屁股。低年级的Mark Willougy趴在体育老师的膝盖上,而高年级的男孩Foster,捣蛋的领头羊,趴伏在鞍马上,高高抬起他的屁股。


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Mr Hierick has a reputation for leaving his mark and both boys are next ordered over the horse for a good caning. The well-oiled thin crook handled rattan cane bites hard, both lads yelping and growling as it leaves stinging highly visual welts across the lads burning bare backsides. It’s unlikely they are going to rush to report to Mr Heidrick again soon.







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By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Part Two of The Sting Spanking Classic (Headmaster 9) plus video Preview”
  1. Wonderful film – could someone please explain the short trousers? Why do certain students wear full length trousers and others short trousers? Did it represent their grade level – junior vs senior or something like that? Also in some films there are several different canes on display in the teacher’s office – were some thicker then others? In America each coach would have their own paddles hanging on the wall – was it like that – did certain teachers use certain canes?

  2. In the 50’s and early 60’s it was common for junior boys to wear shorts. In the UK
    senior boys did not wear shorts in the main
    . In Australia and especially New Zealand senior boys often wore shorts at least in summer. I am glad to report that in further education colleges ,where there is no dress code ,many boys are wearing shorts to show off their thighs!
    In many schools only Heads and Deputies were allowed to use canes though many teachers used rubber gym shoes especiallyu sports teachers. Whatever impiement they used most had their own and it was often given pet names and displayed in the classroom. I hope this helps, Andy

    1. After the caning, the coach rubs a soothing cream into the two lads sore bottoms, to ease the sing and help them recover

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