Austin Take Note

The time finally arrives when every student must take home that bad news note telling their guardians that they have been misbehaving again in college. For Austin this is getting to be a regular habit and Marco is none too pleased to receive yet another letter and so soon after the last one! Well Austin was warned what would happen last time if he dared to bring another home. The day of reckoning has arrived!

The note is full of condemnation regarding Austin’s behavior, so it warrants a full on spanking. The boy very much deserves it!



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A good stinging bare bottom spanking that will teach him a lesson he’ll remember, well perhaps for a month at least but you never know with the likes of cheeky Austin Cook!








Austin Cook – a very naughty boy!




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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Austin Take Note”
  1. All great stuff. But when can we expect to see the fantastic Dorian again? All these youngsters could really benefit from being very firmly put in their place by this most excellent disciplinarian giving them a serious dose of the cane and the strap. More Dorian please!

  2. Hi Ryan
    Dorian is a very busy young man and currently occupied with other things. However, Sting hope to get him back at some stage.

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