Austin’s 1900 Story 2

Austin’s 1900 Story 2

When lads who are sentenced to a term in the House Of Correction don’t knuckle down and follow the rules it generally ends up with a visit to the Governor’s office. He is a stickler for the rule book and that the young men, put into his charge by the courts, follow it. This indeed is what they are there for, to be re-trained to respect authority.


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One such boy (Austin Cooke) has found himself in front of the Governor for just that reason, failing to obey the rules and it now shows badly on his record. He deserves punishment and so it will be, a good spanking on his bare bottom.

This is usually followed by a birching in this case also over the knee.


A boy is expected to keep his rounded posterior well raided and splayed and if he doesn’t the old army tradition of feaging is used. Once a lad feels the sting of ginger he quickly raises his backside, arched and up!




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4 comments on “Austin’s 1900 Story 2

  1. Fully concur with HRH.
    Austins smooth bottom is wonderful and now an even more spanking delight. His bottom cheeks are even more of a turn on than before

  2. My spanking buddies first used ginger oil to fig my anus when I was 19. Had never heard of that kind of punishment before and it was a rude introduction. It sure forced me to keep my buttocks spread as wide apart as far as possible and the boys landed a bunch of well-aimed lashes deep down in my tender butt crack that day. It was a hot new experience to tough it out and deal with the sting of the welts they gave me between my buttocks the next two days since the pain was sweet and it gave a boner in my jeans for most of that time.

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