One more installment of the Jeff’s excellent Sting Comic “Bad Boys Need Spanking” plus a bonus – featuring Rudi

By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Bad Boys Need Spanking – A Sting Comics Story by Jeff W (Part 3)”
  1. These comics are great but please please can someone at Sting who speaks good English review them before they get published. The English in them is very poor and it makes Sting look quite unprofessional

    1. Hi English is not the artist’s first language. however, I think he makes an excellent effort, certainly better than I would working in a foreign language.

      So far the pictures have not been submitted in a format which I am able to amend.

      However, I will speak to Jeff and see if there is a way we can work on the English going forward.

      As you say the comics are great, and in my view they give a lot of enjoyment. I hope Sting fans will agree.

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