Scroll down to view a preview video trailer for Burned by Temptation staring Rudi Valance and Damien Drake









Alternatively full a sized High Definition version of the trailer can be downloaded to your computer from SendSpace at the following link.



(When downloading from Sendspace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen – See illustration below)



Available in three Definitions




By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Preview Trailer for “Burned by Temptation””
  1. I highly recommend this video, two of my favourite actors and very well made with lots of great bare butt whacking. it was a neat idea to have one brother watch the other get punished. That would be painfully embarrassing in real life.

    How hot would it be if he was spanked in front of a class or in front of his football team

  2. omg damien’s facial reactions. RED HOT. highly recommended video with some ambition production design.

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